eHarmony Gets It! It’s About Professional Relationships

12 pillars sunset square (2)In today’s news, eHarmony announced that they are planning to expand from personal to professional matchmaking. Performensation has long held that finding the right people to work for your company is attuned to online dating. Like finding your true love, every employee wants to work at a company that “gets him or her”.

In the past, many employers held the power position. Companies believed that if they were providing jobs that paid a fair wage with decent working conditions, then people should be happy to work for them.  In today’s world, this is no longer enough. Just like our relationships with our friends and loved ones, we expect more.

At Performensation, we use our 12 Pillars of Employee Empowerment Model during the initial client engagement in order to understand the employee value proposition specific to that business. This unveils the heart of the company’s culture and how they interact with their employees. Just like an individual, every company is different and has unique personality traits. Successful companies hire talented professionals that fit their unique employee value proposition.

The Performensation 12 Pillars model evaluates a wide range of company details. The result is a visual representation of how the company motivates their employees to enjoy and stay engaged in their work. It also shows how the company thanks and rewards those employees for their contribution. We have found this approach to be very powerful in creating healthy and happy companies. Just like a good relationship, when companies and employees are matched well, both are more likely to accomplish their individual and shared goals.

Let’s start with the first four pillars that support the company’s motivation of their employees. Employees become motivated when the company’s leadership clearly defines the business’ mission and values while providing clear direction on how these aspirations will be achieved. Leadership must also effectively communicate how the business and employees will work together to benefit customers and society as a whole. These factors of motivation give both leadership and employees the foundation of the work that needs to be accomplished to realize their objectives.

eHarmony requires that both parties fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. The process doesn’t work if one side fills everything out and the other side simply says, “trust me, I’m great.”

The next four pillars involve the ways a company engages its workforce to achieve their shared goals. The key here is hiring employees that are the right fit for your company. This is where the emotional matchmaking comes in. Like finding the perfect mate, we first must ensure we have something good to offer. What kind of person are you? What are your values and aspirations? Companies are no different. They must communicate to potential employees their unique values and how they will enable their employees to become fulfilled in their personal and professional life. Once the right employer / employee match is made, both parties must work together to empower each other. The employer must enable the employees by providing the right tools, processes and environment so the employees will have an impact on company / employee shared goals.

eHarmony wants people to open up. It’s essential that each person potential communicate how they will provide an environment that will allow each side to grow and enjoy life and each other.

The last four pillars show how the company and employees reward each other for their shared contribution to customer and societal success. When the business provides value that customers are willing to support with their purchase, the business prospers. When this happens, the company and employees should share in the reward. Mutual success helps create a supportive and vibrant company culture that fosters a healthy relationship between the company, employees and their customers. When everyone works together to meet common objectives, the company is able to make a profit that can be shared with employees and society.  Employees are rewarded with personal and professional development, pay and benefits that improve quality of life. Society is benefited by the valuable products and services that the company delivers and outreach through social responsibility programs.

eHarmony, thankfully, isn’t focused on monetary rewards. But, they do understand that a relationship must be mutually beneficial. These benefits are measured in many ways. These would include a joyful life, the ability to grow and the acknowledgement of each person’s value to the other and the world.

As they say, “Love makes the world go round!” This applies to both individuals and business. I think eHarmony is on the right track and hope their new approach of expanding to job matchmaking is successful. Motivation, engagement and rewards are the key ingredient of any successful relationship, be it personal or business. Performensation knows that our holistic 12 Pillars approach helps build successful companies and strong relationships between the employer, employees and the customer. Let us know how you ensure a balanced approach in finding and keeping talent that is aligned with your success.

Dan Walter and Sam Reeve, Performensation

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