Sales Incentives

Diagnose | Design | Execute | Adapt

How do we create a plan that will compensate our sales force effectively?” 

This is one of the main challenges that any growing business will encounter. The sales environment is constantly evolving and leaders need to ensure their sales force is meeting the business needs.  The sales compensation plan for your business needs to be updated regularly, but in the past this process may not have been as effective as you’d like.

Performensation can get you on track. Your sales compensation must be as unique and focused as your business strategy and execution. Custom can be easy, and simple can be unique.

In addition to being pay for performance experts, we specialize in small to mid-sized companies. If you need evolutionary or revolutionary solutions, we are the answer. Performensation evaluates your company’s stage of growth, strategic objectives and culture to formulate the right solution for the right time.

Don’t go through another year of poor sales force performance.  Sales incentive plans can have a huge impact on the financial performance and future growth of the business. Implement the compensation plan that brings goal  and cultural alignment through your company and drives results.  Your business, and the salespeople, need a sales approach to take your company to the next level.

Our unique approach is focused on delivering the “best fit” solution for your company.


Companies need to evaluate their sales plans on a regular basis to improve the current plan and adapt to the new market forces of the future. The first step in understanding the sales process for any company is reviewing the current state.

Performensation uses a unique approach to identify sales force engagement and identify factors that may be impacting performance.  Many culprits of poor performance are found outside of the sales compensation plan so it is critical to evaluate all factors of employee engagement before the plan design process begins.

At Performensation, we believe that you need to understand a company to design the best plan possible. We use our groundbreaking 12 Pillars model to evaluate organizational strengths, and we review historical plan design to understand what has worked in the past. We are proponents of a cross-functional design process, and actively involve stakeholders across the company to build a cohesive sales strategy.

Strategic focus is a critical feature of our design process. The Performensation “end to end” process begins with your company’s compensation philosophy. From start to finish, we work to align sales plans with your guiding principles, business objectives and culture.

A program must be simple enough to communicate, sophisticated enough to attract and retain staff, and flexible enough to allow for growth and evolution. Designing a program that meets the needs of all constituents requires ongoing analysis and refinement. Performensation does not stop the design process at the time of adoption. We work with our clients to monitor your programs’ success and make required adjustments during the life of the plan.

We have found that many companies exhaust their time and budgets during the initial design phase. Consequently, if these programs do not work as planned, companies typically wait as long as possible and then start over from the beginning. We keep costs down and work with you beyond the initial rollout to help shape your plan as your needs evolve.

The key to rolling out any new compensation program is clear communication and strong administrative support. Performensation provides training and guidance throughout the implementation process to ensure thorough understanding and seamless execution of your sales plans.

We believe communication starts with plan design. Your sales plan explains more about what the company believes is important than any presentation. Explaining why the plan has its designed objectives is often a missed opportunity. We work with you and your sales team and make sure everyone understands the how and why of each plan element.

Even the best sales compensation plan will fail without proper support, tracking and reporting. This may mean installing a full Sales Performance Management system and we can assist in choosing the right system and getting it implemented. For smaller sales forces, Performensation will help you build effective tracking systems, using your available resources, to ensure an easy and economical solution.

We believe in continuous improvement at Performensation. Our consulting engagements include evaluating and enhancing your sales plan to better meet your objectives.  We continue to check in at regular intervals and incorporate feedback into plan revisions and improvements for the years to come.

We understand that your business is evolving and your sales compensation strategy needs to keep pace. We diagnose your needs with this fact in mind. We design sales plans with the ability to flex as facts and circumstances change. We create communications and processes that can account for today’s specific needs and adapt to your future needs. Most importantly, we remain involved the entire time to provide insight on trends and guidance on how to best use your sales plan to meet your goals.

Contact Performensation today to learn more about how we can help you in the next phase of your success!