workinghandsWe know our clients demand the best.  They want solutions that increase their firm’s performance and create a rewarding place for their employees to work.  We provide practical and effective solutions that drive your human capital and delivers firm wide success.

We offer firms a fresh perspective and consulting expertise in the following areas:

Employee Performance Enhancement
We have more than 25 years experience in assisting companies analyze, define and review performance metrics related to compensation plans. We can review the links between past corporate, financial, operational, divisional and human resources data to determine the metrics that most closely aligned your staff with your corporate success. This allows companies to have performance programs that drive performance rather than simply reward it.
Compensation Design and Optimization
A program must be simple enough to communicate, sophisticated enough to attract and retain staff, and flexible enough to allow for growth and evolution. First, we diagnose your needs. Next, we design your custom solution. Our solutions often use your current plan in new ways. Designing a program that meets the needs of all constituents requires ongoing analysis and refinement. Performensation does not stop the design process at the time of adoption. We work with our clients to monitor programs’ success and make required adjustments during the life of the plan.

We have found that many companies exhaust their time and budgets during the initial design phase. Consequently, if these programs do not work as planned, companies typically wait as long as possible and then start over from the beginning. We keep costs down and work with you beyond the initial rollout and help shape your plan as your needs evolve.

Plan Customization
Often plans are designed by lawyers or compensation consultants who understand the basic structures of equity and performance plans quite well but may not have the experience or expertise to truly shape these programs to your needs. We can review and evaluate your compensation programs and suggests modifications or better uses of current features to help improve plan effectiveness.
Risk Assessment and Best Practices
Performensation understands the theory, strategy and tactical processes required for successful compensation programs. We will identify and correct areas of risk or inefficiency in your compensation plans, processes and communications. One simple correction lead to a 25% increase in ESPP participation in a few weeks. Another analysis allowed the Compensation Department to quickly get management support for additional headcount.

Every company has a unique set of challenges. We reduce the impact of those and create a path for a more effective use of your time and money.

Legacy Plan Enhancement
It is not uncommon for companies to find their plans not working as expected only two or three years after they’ve been put in place. We can evaluate your current plans, communications and processes and provide guidance on how to get more out of the plans you already have. We know that most companies have plans with a much broader set of features than they actually take advantage of. Rather than design an entirely new plan performance station can help you get more out of the plan that you already paid for.
Market Intelligence
Our highly trained staff can help you to find the best practices and processes necessary to reduce errors, improve work quality and corporate compliance. If you are a small private company or a Fortune 50 multinational proper controls processes and training are essential for risk reduction and success.
Whether you need a more effective communication strategy or more impactful communication execution Performensation can provide a solution. We understand both traditional and Web 2.0 delivery systems and have the ability to translate even the most complex plans into terms that staff members can understand and, more importantly, appreciate. We also understand the communications are not just about words and pictures. We integrate reports and data into our communication strategies to ensure that every staff member, manager and executive understands your plan.
Vendor Evaluation and RFPs
As our world and industry become increasingly more complex and has become difficult to separate the good from the great providers. Our granular process for analyzing and evaluating software, outsourcing and specialty providers assures our clients of getting a great solution we can also act as your expert advisor if you would like to handle the initial selection yourself and simply need and expert in the room during the critical stakeholder demonstrations
Project Management
Mergers, Acquisitions, Option Exchanges, Joint Ventures, Provider or Software implementation. Each of these projects can take months to complete. Today’s lean staffs mean that your internal teen may not have the bandwidth or the past experience to handle these in the best way possible. We can provide both project management and, with our wide array of partnerships, on-site staff as needed.