A Small Problem for Compensation Professionals

6a0134836082f8970c01bb090d7e4a970d-200wiThis is not the article I intended to post today. I had something else ready to go, but realized this was more important. I am sitting in my hotel room in San Diego, California getting ready to head over for the second day of the annual WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference. Total Rewards is a BIG category.  In three days it is not possible to dive into every type and flavor of “reward”. But one important family of compensation, equity, is almost completely missing from this year’s event.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some Continue reading

Big Bucks, Tiny Details and Multiple Personalities

11122015 6a00d83451df4569e201b8d173f5a4970c-200wiWhen it comes to compensation, it’s easy to get caught up in strategy and communication. We know that missing a chance at impacting the big picture is missing a chance at being successful. But, pay is also about the smallest of details. These include the language in plan documents, the timing of processing or reporting transactions and making sure that people know their roles and sign correctly on the correct lines.

In June of 2014, a shareholder filed a lawsuit against Facebook. The suit alleged that Continue reading