eHarmony Gets It! It’s About Professional Relationships

12 pillars sunset square (2)In today’s news, eHarmony announced that they are planning to expand from personal to professional matchmaking. Performensation has long held that finding the right people to work for your company is attuned to online dating. Like finding your true love, every employee wants to work at a company that “gets him or her”.

In the past, many employers held the power position. Companies believed that if they were providing jobs that paid a fair wage with decent working conditions, then people should be happy to work for them.  In today’s world, this is no longer enough. Just like Continue reading

A Lack of Company Enthusiasm Doesn’t Mean a Lack of Job Passion

Stickman Food Vendor Job PassionI was at a sold-out sporting event recently. The sport, as it turns out, doesn’t matter. Neither does the team. Heck, even the players are unimportant. I learned something great from a woman selling burgers and beer. I was reminded that you don’t need to love your company or its mission to be an incredibly valuable employee. I was also reminded, once again, that our lowest paid staff members are not simply interchangeable parts. Every one of them can make just as big an impact as our highest paid “stars”. Continue reading