Equity Alternatives: Restricted Stock, Performance Awards, Phantom Stock, SARs, and More

Tenth Edition

by Joseph S. Adams, Barbara Baksa, Daniel D. Coleman, Daniel Janich, David R. Johanson, Blair Jones, Kay Kemp, Scott Rodrick, Corey Rosen, Martin Staubus, Robin Struve, and Dan Walter

For many companies, stock options, ESPPs, or ESOPs are not the only stock plans to consider. Instead, restricted stock awards, restricted stock units, phantom stock, stock appreciation rights (SARs), performance awards, and/or direct stock purchases are an essential part of their compensation strategies. This book/CD combination (formerly titled Beyond Stock Options) is an essential toolkit for everyone who needs to research or implement such plans. The book includes eight chapters on what the plan alternatives are, how they work, how to combine them, and the legal and accounting issues they raise. The authors include leading authorities from law firms, Deloitte & Touche, NASPP, and the NCEO. The book also includes a CD with set of model plan documents, most of them annotated, prepared by law firms. The plan documents are included in word processing formats (Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format) so you can easily edit and use them.

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