Performensation, LinkedIn and Profinder

linkedin-53-logo-2-12006. I had resisted the move to social media. It seemed frivolous, even though I love new things. Then I received an invite from a colleague in New York City who I respected. He thought I would love some site called “LinkedIn”. Out of a combination of politeness and curiosity I signed up. It was a great decision.

2007. My firm, Performensation, celebrated its tenth anniversary in September. LinkedIn was my reminder of this accomplishment. My professional network was my validation that connectivity has been essential to my success. I have far more than the 500+ connections listed on my profile. Each person was carefully approved to ensure that they added to my professional abilities and allowed me to add to my clients’ and contacts’ professional needs.

The two LinkedIn groups that I started many years ago are thriving. They provide Continue reading

LinkedIn, Microsoft and “Stock-based Compensation”

I just had someone send me an article titled “REASON BEHIND THE MICROSOFT-LINKEDIN DEAL”. The premise behind that article is that stock-based compensation (the accounting term for this piece of the compensation pie) was a major driver behind LinkedIn’s decision to be acquired by Microsoft. LinkedIn did use stock-based compensation more heavily than many companies, but that alone would not be a good reason to desire an acquisition at a value significantly less than the 52 week high. Stock-based compensation includes virtually any type of pay where the individual gets ownership in the company at some discount to the value and it is eventually owned in full by them. In order for stock-based compensation to factor into the decision at all, there would need to be Continue reading